Activismo digital, redes sociales e intermediación


This document is complementary to the work of Milleleo and Cárcamo. Therefore, it is not developed following the classical scheme of a research article. The structure is more similar to an essay based on several sections that reflect the theoretical-descriptive trip developed by the authors. In the parts, new theoretical frameworks are linked, new data is added, and further relevant questions are proposed.

In S. Millaleo and P. Cárcamo (eds.), Mediaciones del sistema político frente al activismo digital (pp. 77-101). Santiago: Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo
Bastián González-Bustamante
Bastián González-Bustamante
DPhil (PhD) Candidate

DPhil (PhD) Candidate in the Department of Politics and International Relations and St Hilda’s College at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.