Bastián González-Bustamante

Bastián González-Bustamante

DPhil (PhD) Candidate

University of Oxford

I am completing my DPhil (PhD) dissertation in the Department of Politics and International Relations and St Hilda’s College at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Before starting the DPhil in October 2019, I earned an MA (1st) in Political Science and a BA (2:1) in Government, both from the Universidad de Chile. Moreover, I served as a lecturer at the Universidad de Santiago and Universidad de Chile and as a consultant for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

My doctoral research is supervised by Professor Petra Schleiter and focuses on the causes and consequences of ministerial turnover in 12 Latin American presidential countries from the mid-1970s to date. My project integrates elements of the principal-agent theory to evaluate specific incentives and strategies of the actors in presidential systems, considering the regime’s institutional features. In my data-gathering process, I applied optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to almost 50 years of press report archives. In addition, my empirical strategy employs propensity score matching methods, semiparametric competing risks models and instrumental variables (IV) regressions.

My research is funded by the Chilean National Agency for Research and Development (ANID), the St Hilda’s College Muriel Wise Fund and the Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Award of the Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS).

  • Comparative politics
  • Presidential systems
  • Ministerial turnover
  • Elites and civil service
  • Quantitative methods
  • Artificial intelligence
  • DPhil (PhD) in Politics, 2019-

    University of Oxford

  • MA in Political Science, 2010-2013

    Universidad de Chile

  • BA in Government, 2004-2009

    Universidad de Chile

Featured Publications

(2022). Cabinet Reshuffles and Parliamentary No‑Confidence Motions. Government and Opposition. FirstView.

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(2022). Power Hierarchies and Visibility in the News: Exploring Determinants of Politicians’ Presence and Prominence in the Chilean Press (1991-2019). The International Journal of Press/Politics. OnlineFirst.


(2021). Motivación de servicio público entre funcionarios públicos chilenos. Revista del CLAD Reforma y Democracia, 81, 105-138.

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Relevant Awards

St Hilda’s College Muriel Wise Fund and Travel and Book Grants

Research support grant for my DPhil (PhD) project and allowances for participation in conferences and purchase of books, £2 255. Oxford, United Kingdom.

Becas Chile Doctoral Scholarship Abroad

Tuition fees, transport and living expenses for pursuing a DPhil (PhD) at the University of Oxford (ANID/PFCHA/72200340), £160 000. Oxford, United Kingdom.